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Technical Info (OAS 5.2)

The Office Automation Suite is a proper add-in for Microsoft Office.  It comes as an MSI and is easily installed on a client computer. Communication with the IFS Application server is done through HTTP via the IFS Access Provider. A wide range of versions and variants of Office and Windows are supported.

User & Setup Guide

Compatibility matrix and OAS versions

Office Automation Suite is compatible with/requires the following operating systems, frameworks and applications listed in the table below.

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Supports / RequiresVersion:5.2
Windows Server 2012164 bit
Windows Server 201664 bit
Windows Server 201964 bit
Windows 7364 bit
Windows 1064 bit
Windows 1164 bit
Office 2010332/64 bit
Office 2013332/64 bit
Office 201632/64 bit
Office 201932/64 bit
Office 365 WebOnly Windows installations
CitrixXenApp 6
IFS Applications™ 7.x 2
IFS Applications™ 8
IFS Applications™ 9
IFS Applications™ 10Aurena web client 4
IFS Cloud


  • 1 Windows Server 2012 32/64 bit may work, but is not supported
  • 2 IFS Applications™ 7.5 is not supported, but may work
  • 3 Not supported, but may work
  • 4 It’s possible to use OAS.exe from Aurena, and links in OAS will open in Aurena