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Technical Info (OAS 5.1)

The Office Automation Suite is a proper add-in for Microsoft Office.  It comes as an MSI and is easily installed on a client computer. Communication with the IFS Application server is done through HTTP via the IFS Access Provider. A wide range of versions and variants of Office and Windows are supported.

User & Setup Guide

Compatibility matrix and OAS versions

Office Automation Suite is compatible with/requires the following operating systems, frameworks and applications listed in the table below.

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Supports / RequiresVersion: 5.05.1
Windows Server 2012164 bit 
Windows Server 201664 bit 
Windows Server 201964 bit 
Windows 7364 bit 
Windows 8364 bit 
Windows 1064 bit 
Office 2010332/64 bit 
Office 2013332/64 bit 
Office 201632/64 bit 
Office 201932/64 bit 
Office 365 WebOnly Windows installations 
CitrixXenApp 6 
IFS Applications™ 7.x 2  
IFS Applications™ 8  
IFS Applications™ 9  
IFS Applications™ 10  
IFS Applications™ 10Aurena web client 4 


  • 1 Windows Server 2012 32/64 bit may work, but is not supported
  • 2 IFS Applications™ 7.5 is not supported, but may work
  • 3 Not supported, but may work
  • 4 It’s possible to use OAS.exe from Aurena, and links in OAS will open in Aurena

Note that OAS 5.1 replaces previous versions. We have added new features, bugfixes and extra support for Office 2016, Office 365 editions (Semi-annual channel), Windows 10 updates, OneDrive and FTP file systems (EDM).