Rol factory in Lithuania

ROL Group

ROL Group consists of four manufacturing units and is organized in a global supply chain and a matrix organization.

We regularly get the question of what is common to our companies and investments. The answer is that we see great development opportunities in all our business. Our motivation is to be involved in contributing to the development of companies and the growth of staff in their professional roles, while still having fun at work- to create an appealing and inspiring working environment”.

Anders Bråhn, Program Manager, ROL AB.

In order to meet future customer demands and business challenges, ROL wanted to build a fully automated manufacturing plant at their Lithuania site to improve their efficiency. To realize this, ROL launched the project Factory 2.0 – A second generation of ROL factories. One of the main challenges in the project was to create a seamless integration between their ERP solution IFS Applications™ 9 and the planned, robotized, fully automated production plant. ROL needed a strong, flexible, and agile partner with experience in connecting and integrating IFS Applications™ with other systems was the most important consideration. Addovation became the selected supplier.

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