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ProfilGruppen selected Addovation to combine IFS Quality Management with the Office Automation Suite to create a fully digitalized claims handling process.

ProfilGruppen selected Addovation as their ERP implementation partner when they decided to add the IFS Quality Management Module to replace an outdated legacy system.  The old system was not integrated with IFS Applications™ and made it cumbersome to keep track of the various steps in the quality process.

Focus on Quality

ProfilGruppen uses the eight disciplines (8D) approach in the claims handling process and it is vital for them to have a system in place that not only supports this process, but also makes it easier for them to follow up claims efficiently. By combining the IFS Quality Management Module with the Office Automation Suite (OAS) from Addovation, visual claims reports can be generated automatically, saving time, increasing accuracy and ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

The solution was designed by Addovation together with ProfilGruppen’s Quality Team. The cooperation resulted in an on-demand, digitalized quality process with electronically generated documentation ready for the end customer.

The solution combines the IFS Quality Management standard functionality with the strong IFS Configuration Framework and Addovation’s Office Automation Suite (OAS) for automatic and fully digital report generation.

Delivering Quality Every Step of the Way!

“We endeavor to deliver quality every step of the way and It’s important that claims are handled quickly and professionally. By using the solution from Addovation in combination with the IFS Quality Management Modul, we now have a fully digitalized claims handling process.”

Jonas Kjellnäs, Quality manager at ProfilGruppen.

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A fully integrated solution for the complete claims handling process

We are very pleased with the result. We had a clear vision on what we wanted to achieve. Good control over open Claims and automated creation of 8D reports. We have had a great teamwork with Addovation and they helped us find and build the best possible process in IFS Applications”

Fredrik Lundberg, Supply Chain Developer at ProfilGruppen

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One solution, Several Benefits!

  • ProfilGruppen has now a fully integrated ERP solution to handle their Claims Process
  • Claims reports are created automatically
  • Data quality is improved
  • Less administration and no duplicate data registrations
  • Visual and transparent process with IFS Lobby framework


Addovation is a Scandinavian IT service company focusing on Business Applications.

About Profilgruppen

ProfilGruppen is a Swedish company that develops and manufactures custom profiles and components in aluminium. By delivering innovative solutions in aluminium, they contribute to their customers’ success.

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