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Automate away anything tedious or cumbersome!

Automation & Cloud Solutions

Our Automation and Cloud solutions are perfect for collaboration between ERP systems and the outside world!


Automate your Case Flow with Email to Case

With Addovation’s solution ‘Email to case’, users of IFS Applications™ can fully automate email handling and case flow in IFS Call Center™.

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Increase your efficiency with the CRM Synchronization Solution

Exchange business activities, calendar appointments and contacts between Office 365 and IFS Applications™.

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Robust and Reliable Integrations

We have a proven track record of merging business processes consisting of several systems into one efficient process. We provide robust and reliable back-office solutions, in order to automate business solutions.

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Automate Your Document Management

We offer multiple solutions that are created with the sole purpose of releiveing you of tedious work tasks and manual document management.

With our solutions, you can automate your document flow by reading from an email account or a folder structure and connect the documents to a business object.

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Anders Kjersem is the Sales Manager for Addovation Norway

Anders Kjersem

Sales Manager, Norway


Nicklas Ljunghom

Sales Manager, IFS Services Presale