Building Lasting Partnerships: The Customer Engagement Model

At Addovation, our Customer Engagement Model forms the foundation for our long-term partnerships with clients.

A Collaborative Approach with Clear Objectives

At Addovation, we believe that the key to success is working closely with our customers to understand their unique needs and challenges. That’s why we collaborate on their strategies linked to business processes, building a joint plan with clear objectives that we follow up with a dedicated governance model.

What sets us apart is our commitment to continuity, clarity of responsibility, and proximity. We believe that by working together in close partnership, we can achieve better results and drive real innovation.

A Designated Engagement Manager

To ensure that our customers have a central point of contact, we assign a designated Engagement Manager to lead the operational and tactical work. This central contact person is responsible for the customer, leading a dedicated team with extensive knowledge and experience of the customer’s solution and roadmap.

Collaboration tools

We understand the importance of collaboration tools in modern business, which is why we provide a range of resources through our Customer Portal. Here, you can access knowledge, exclusive webinars, tips & tricks, free assets & trial offerings, and more.

To summarize

Our Engagement Model is all about creating a modern partnership framework that combines business profitability and innovation with the availability of highly skilled local resources in a cost-effective way.

So why not partner with us today and discover the benefits of a truly collaborative approach? Contact us!

Econova selected Addovation because of our long-term perspective

“We felt quite immediately that Addovation not only understood our business, but also shared the same view of the value of long-term relationships as us. We strive for a long-term perspective in what we do, and therefore we gained confidence in Addovation. The fact that Addovation has experienced consultants and long experience from companies similar to ours also facilitated the choice.” Peter Herentz, Purchasing Manager at Econova.

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