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We offer a modular set of ERP services that maximize the value of you ERP system. Through engagement management,  case tracking system and service desk, we make sure that you get all the help you need – when you need it.

Long-term partnerships

When you become an Addovation customer, you will enter a partnership based on a model that combines business profitability and innovation with highly skilled, local resources! We call it our Customer Engagement Model.

You will also have access to over 150 employees that can assist you in all areas of your business system and has great knowledge of your industry and processes. Read more about our servic.es below and how our consultants can help you with your ERP needs

How we work

Our services

Passionate about creating value

We deliver assistance to your projects and provide the necessary expertise to improve workflows and ease the use of your ERP System. We can take on full implementation- and upgrade projects, help you define a strategy and vision for the ERP system, as well as support and maintain your solution on a daily basis.

We are passionate about creating value, and we believe that an ERP partner needs to work as an extension of the customers’ own organization. Read our blog post to get a better understanding of our philosophy.

Our Philsophy

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Jens-Magnus Andersson is the Sales Director in Sweden

Jens-Magnus Andersson

Sales Director, Sweden

Anders Kjersem is the Sales Manager for Addovation Norway

Anders Kjersem

Sales Manager, Norway


Jan Erik Syverød

Head of NetSuite Practice