Stig Bjering

Name: Stig Bjering

Position at Addovation: Project Manager IFS and Key Account Manager

Area of specialty: ERP Development, IFS CRM, and Addovation Solutions

Background: Stig worked as a developer and project manager at IFS for 10 years before he started at Addovation. He also has experience working with other ERP systems.

I recently had a chat with Stig Bjering, who joined our Drammen office in 2016. I asked him a couple of questions about his experiences working for us.

Sigrid Marie Saastad is Addovations Marketing Manager in Norway.

By Sigrid Marie Saastad

Marketing Manager, Addovation

Stig, tell us what you do at Addovation!

I have been a Project Manager at Addovation for 5 years now, working with upgrades, implementations, support and more. I am also a Key Account Manager for some of our customers, and I am therefor also involved in the sales processes and customer management. I also like to be involved in internal improvement projects!

Wow! Almost every aspect of the customer journey, you might say?

Yes, that’s one way to say it! But that is what makes it so much fun. Every day is different. Different tasks, customers, businesses. 

What is the best part of working with project management and ERP?

I would say that the variation is a big plus! I work with many different customers within different industries, and it never becomes boring. Also, ERP is becoming more flexible and dynamic with the movement to Cloud, so we previously had to wait a long time for new functions and bug fixes. We now get updates to progress much faster and deliver better quality solutions to our customers.

What are the significant trends in ERP these days? 

As I mentioned, ERP is now becoming more and more cloud-based. This means that we can deliver software as a service, which means that customers do not have to think about infrastructure, back-ups, upgrades, or the ERP system’s administration. The customer can choose how much they would like us to do.

What type of personality traits do you think are essential for a Project Manager? 

You need to be good at planning and keeping control. You need to be able to listen and willing to learn and understand the customers’ needs. So, both analytical skills and people skills! There is nothing better as a project manager to exceed the customers’ expectations and do that. Sometimes, you also need to make tough decisions to meet deadlines and budgets and keep within the project scope. 

Addovation is growing fast, and we are looking for new employees in many areas. What would be your advice to people wanting to get a job at Addovation? 

ERP has a reputation of being boring, but this is certainly not the case. With Cloud ERP and the evergreen concept, ERP is now more like an app on your mobile, where upgrades happen automatically and offer new and exciting functionality. So, if you are looking for a varied and exciting job, I would recommend Addovation! Finally, I would also like to stress that you do not have to be an ERP expert to work with ERP. As a Project Manager, it is just as essential to be a good listener, good at planning, and a great team player. 

Thanks to Stig for a very inspiring chat!

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