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“How hard can it be?”

This is a question that often arises when we are discussing integrations. A request for a solution that seems simple at first, might be more complicated than first expected.

Sometimes the question is followed by the famous phrase “the Americans, after all, put a man on the moon in 1969”, indicating that the suggested solutions should not be much of a challenge in 2020.

Per Inge Sævareid who is Managing Director at Addovation in Norway

By Per Inge Sævareid

Managing Director, Addovation AS.

When it comes to integrations the complexity varies quite a lot and it is important to be aware of decisions and risks. I usually tell people that my two years abroad at the University of Strathclyde gave me one main insight: A technique called ‘Divide & Conquer’  that is all about how you dissect problems when dealing with them. This is, beyond doubt, always useful and is very valuable when dealing with integrations.

However, the technique does not guarantee success. After learning about it at university I have now spent almost 30 years in the industry wondering about when it is successful and when it is not. The trick lies in how you ‘Divide and Conquer’ the problem. If you divided the problem the wrong way, you may end up with a very messy solution.

The best advice on how to create a well-designed integration is to use an experienced integration architect that understands the importance of supporting the business process in a sensible way as well as solving the technical aspects with suitable technologies.

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