Key Takeaways from the IFS Sales Kick-Off, Seize the moment!

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Addovation Sales team jetted off to London to join the IFS Sales Kick-Off; Seize the moment.

Jens-Magnus Andersson is the Sales Director in Sweden

By Jens-Magnus Andersson

Sales Director IFS at Addovation.

We were all excited, as these conferences offer an insight into future plans for IFS and its products. It is also an excellent arena for networking and building an even stronger relationship between our company and IFS.

Here are some insights on the identified key takeaways from the kick-off.

IFS is a market leader of FSM, EAM, ESM and ERP! 

According to Gartner, IFS is still the market leader for Field Service Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Enterprise Service Management and Enterprise Resource Planning. IFS delivers outstanding solutions within one common, industry packaged solution and they are still focusing and investing in developing their product for their core industries: manufacturing, service, telecom, aerospace, and construction. If you work for a company within one of these industries, IFS Cloud offers unmatched industry depth and expertise.

Secure partner enablement early in your ERP-lifecycle journey

Whether you are upgrading to, or implementing IFS for the first time, it is recommended that you select a partner, such as Addovation, that can help you through the process. The partner will help you prepare for the project, ensure the solution matches your expectations, secure business value, and enable future growth. 

Enter a long-term engagement to realize IFS Cloud value.

When you decide to upgrade or implement IFS Cloud, it is recommended that you enter a long-term engagement with your ERP-partner to realize the true value of IFS Cloud. The IFS Cloud platform gives you a powerful, flexible, open platform that puts user experience first, delivers 100% open APIs, and has innovations embedded such as artificial intelligence, ML, and IoT. A strategy that guides the company in using these delightful features will ensure added value as time progresses.

Stay Evergreen and find your deployment strategy for continuous business development.

Evergreen will give you the possibility to always be on the latest version of the software without the disruptions with full-scale upgrades. It also provides greater visibility, predictability, control, and flexibility in planning your business development and adopting new capabilities from IFS.

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