Please, do not read this blog post!

And you did it anyway… That’s fine, this is human nature and we are as a species curious by nature. The opposite also applies, too much of creative sellers promising gold and green forests, dwelling in hyped terms about AI, blockchain, machine learning and every “business trend of the day” – we as humans perceive the message as more and more boring and redundant and you start to scroll by all the tons of directed ads and shares in your feeds just about everywhere!

Andreas Isengaard who is Business Area Manager at Addovation Solutions

By Andreas Isengaard

Business Area Manager R&D, Addovation.

But what if, just if, you all of the sudden miss something that is actually interesting, that could change how you work on a daily basis? And what if this “thing” isn’t even part of any magical tech-revolution?

Still here? Kudos! Well then, I will get straight to the point. I am not going to waste time – that’s a promise!

I’m not going to refer to any customer, case study, numbers or other figurines. This is simply a story about a new employee I have, let’s call him Greger, and he has never worked with our ERP system. Now, in his job (and as many others) producing some form of documents and reports is part of a daily basis, and if it is something less hot and sexy than document management – please let me know. I still though remember the day I showed him how to get his first Word document into our system. We all now by now that some parts of ERP systems are not made for humans, and the document management can be no exception. The fear of filling out all the fields of classes, formats, sheets, revisions, number generators, IDs, language codes etcetera, and everything else required in order to fit all forms, shapes and sizes in terms of requirements amongst all customers. In some cases, it is probably fully legit to use all of this, but I suspect in most cases it is not.

Perhaps having stuff on paper isn’t such a bad idea after all? Err, yes it is actually, in this day of modern age. So, back to Greger. We started off using the system with none of our products installed, and then we used the ERP system using our own products (Yes, we actually use our own products so we eat or own dogfood every day). I will end this blog with a comment that made my day and put a big smile on my face:

“Wow! This product actually makes a real difference!”

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