The key to success

Last week was a hectic week, and I was feeling a little overwhelmed of all the upcoming tasks and activities in my calendar. A typical mid-January feeling for many of us, I assume. I was just about to put away my computer for the weekend when I was notified of an incoming email…

Mikael Johansson is Business Area Manager, IFS

By Mikael Johansson

Business Area Manager, IFS

The email said, ‘Addovation is the IFS Nordic Channel Partner of the Year 2021’. I felt my energy rising!

Winning feels great!

Winning this award gave me a boost of motivation, and I must admit that it feels great being recognized for all the hard work we have put into our IFS partnership. Addovation won the award based on four criteria: we scored the highest in total when calculating the net license revenue, lead contribution, the closing of new logos, and the number of IFS Academy certifications. After doing a little happy dance in my office chair, I started wondering how we became top of our class of IFS partners and the factors that contributed to this.

Team Spirit is key

I firmly believe that the key success for winning this award has been our team spirit. You may be a master of your trade, but that alone does not guarantee honours if you cannot work as an integral part of the team. Team spirit is one factor that our employees often mention when we ask them what they cherish most about Addovation. It is so important that we make sure to incorporate it into our company values!

Sharing knowledge to reach goals

Knowledge sharing is also, without a doubt, essential to succeed. We see all the time how employees grow and outperform their goals because of good mentorship and sharing of competence. In fact, at Addovation, we have an initiative called Competency Networks whose sole purpose is for employees to share knowledge to maintain and improve the competence across the organization. This ultimately improves the service we give to our customers and builds our credibility. 

Openness and Transparency with our Partners

In addition, our collaboration with IFS is crucial to succeeding in our everyday achievements of winning new customer deals. The openness and transparency we have with the IFS Partner organization, managed by Morten Søger, is built over time and keeps getting stronger every day. 

If you would like to know more about how we make a successful partnership with IFS, why not register for our webinar next week? Our CEO Joakim Hugosson, Morten Søger from IFS, and I are doing a casual discussion about some of the factors necessary when creating a successful partnership.

Hope to see you at our webinar!