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Why IFS Cloud?

In March, IFS unveiled the biggest product launch in their company’s history! Here are the five top reasons why you should upgrade to IFS Cloud™.

First published at June 2nd, 2021

1. Unique industry depth

IFS Cloud lets you harness a level of industry experience and expertise you simply won’t find in other products. Industry-focused accelerators help you implement much more efficiently, along with the personalized lobbies, reports and dashboards you need for fast, accurate decision-making.

2. One product, class-leading solutions

With IFS Cloud, you access all our solutions and capabilities from a single product, built on a common platform. Simply turn on the capabilities you need today and add more as your business needs change, all with one common user experience, one underlying technology infrastructure and new capability updates every six months.

3. Innovation embedded and ready to use

IFS Cloud puts emerging technologies like AI, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality to work and with clear business relevance and value—right from day one. Embedding capabilities into the heart of the product means you capitalize on the latest, most relevant technologies without needing to run expensive or lengthy pilot projects.

4. Choice and parity, wherever you deploy

We offer a choice of deployment models for your IFS Cloud software, whether in our cloud, or managing the deployment yourself, where you want to run it. Whether you choose a cloud, remote or self-managed model, you get exactly the same functional solution, no compromises—and no forced timings for upgrades, or restrictions on how you can tailor to make it your own.

5. Delightful product experiences

With a responsive, people-first design, IFS Cloud has been built to delight. It’s easy to configure and personalize to work the way you do: whether that’s at home, out in the field or on the warehouse floor. And it comes with a wider IFS Lifecycle Experience and portals that support how you buy, implement, operate and extend every step of the way.

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Mikael Johansson is Business Area Manager, IFS

Mikael Johansson

Business Area Manager, IFS
Jens-Magnus Andersson is the Sales Director in Sweden

Jens-Magnus Andersson

Sales Director, Sweden

Anders Kjersem

Sales Manager, Norway