Jonas Axelsson Blad works as a senior consultant at Addovation

Jonas Axelsson Blad

Position at Addovation: Project Manager at Jönköping

Background: Jonas has worked as a Procurement assistant for Ewes AB. He started as a consultant at Addovation in 2016, working with support with customers in the manufacturing, service and retail industry. His specialties are e.g. IFS Configuration Tools, system administration like permission set and roles together with document management.

I recently had a chat with Jonas Axelsson Blad, who has been working at our Jönköping Office since 2016. I got to ask him a couple of questions about what it’s like working at Addovation.

Sigrid Marie Saastad is Marketing Manager at Addovation

By Sigrid Marie Saastad

Marketing Manager, Addovation

So Jonas, what is your role at Addovation?

I work as a Project Manager, managing D2D projects and upgrade projects for customers in various industries. The most recent ones were upgrade projects for Sveba Dahlen and Norden Machinery.  These days, you might see me at the IFS Office in Gothenburg where I am working as a PM for parts of their ongoing projects.

I was originally hired as consultant when I first started at Addovation. This gave me the relevant experience and confidence that is needed to manage ERP-projects. It’s a huge benefit to have the experience of being a consultant, understanding and learning the ropes so to say before becoming a PM.

What is it like, working so closely with one of the largest ERP companies in the world?

Addovation is an IFS Gold Channel Partner, which gives us great opportunities! We are often invited to work on their projects where I usually contribute as a Project Manager for parts of the delivery. Often, we are a group of people from Addovation working on the same IFS project, so I still get to spend time with my colleagues when working at the IFS Office. It’s are really exciting and educational too, and I get to increase my professional network and meet new people. It’s challenging working on big projects like these, but that’s what makes it fun!

What makes you tick?

To cooperate with both colleagues and customers making a dynamic and efficient project group. Successively achieving milestones in time and with accuracy. I enjoy building relationships with the customers, growing with them, helping them with all their ERP needs.

So, what is the best thing about working at Addovation?

I really like working here. Sometimes it feels as if we are one big family, where everyone is welcomed and accessible even though we are based in different offices. Our company values are trust and transparency, value creating and innovation, and I feel like these values reflects our company culture.

Thanks to Jonas for a very inspiring chat!

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