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Jotun’s facilities are located in Sandefjord in Norway (Photo: Jotun). First published in Teknisk Ukeblad 15.03.2021. Written by TUM Studio.

Jotun needed help with automated processes, and had sky-high demands

Addovation has been providing expertise and IT solutions to the paint giant, Jotun, since 2009.

Addovation has been providing expertise and IT solutions to the paint giant, Jotun, since 2009. This fits well with the technology partner’s strategy to become a solid, long-term ERP partner.

“It began with a few consultants in 2009, and some highly skilled IFS Applications experts. Addovation had expertise in important areas where we needed assistance,” says Trond Aune, Global ERP Manager at Jotun.

Over the years, Jotun’s collaboration with Addovation has grown in both scope and depth. Among other things, Addovation has developed a solution that automates the ordering process in large parts of the Jotun Group. Now, twelve years later, Addovation is still an important partner for Jotun.

The Jotun Group is one of Norway’s largest corporations, present in more than a hundred countries, with 65 subsidiaries, 39 factories, and a turnover of nearly NOK 20 billion. 

Throughout the world, Jotun paint is protecting architectural masterpieces and more than 30,000 vessels, as well as power plants, production facilities, infrastructure, and residential homes.

Revenue is processed by IFS

IFS Applications’ ERP software plays a key role in connecting Jotun and enabling an overview of its businesses across countries, regions, verticals and languages. At the end of the year, revenue from the entire group is processed by IFS Applications.

“We started working with Jotun when they were rolling out IFS Applications to their subsidiaries in 2009,” says Per Inge Sævareid, CEO of Addovation.

From their premises in Drammen, Addovation has accompanied Jotun out into the world and developed alongside the paint giant, with gradually larger deliveries. Initially, the company consisted of a handful of IFS consultants. Today, the ERP partner has 150 employees and larger premises by Drammenselva river, as well as offices in Sweden and Sri Lanka.

Digitalisation offers global competitiveness

Sævareid lists what Addovation has delivered to Jotun:

  • IFS specialists and expertise.
  • An online ordering system that automates order entries from Jotun’s retailers.
  • Automation of business processes in IFS Applications.
  • Optimised and automated document management in IFS Applications.
  • Optimised IFS Applications with data migration and integrations. 

A significant percentage of Jotun revenue comes in through the online ordering system developed by Addovation. Jotun retailers place orders through the B2B portal. The order process is then automated. Nearly half a million orders are placed annually through this system all over the world. The customer portal has helped to digitise a larger part of the supply chain, which has helped make Jotun a more attractive supplier.

“We specialise in delivering solutions and functions in addition to those found in IFS Applications. These are functions that support companies’ business processes and streamline operations,” says Sævareid.

A long-term perspective ensures the best solutions

“When you purchase and install an ERP system, you have a perspective of 10 to 20 years. Many are focused on new sales and whether they can remain operational after four or five months. That’s a bit short term. When the customer and ERP partner are well acquainted, and when you know the customer’s history and particular challenges, that is when we create the best solutions,” says Sævareid.

“When entering new customer relationships, we always ask if this will be beneficial in the long run,” adds Addovation’s CEO.

“In a good partnership, both parties have a mutual benefit. Addovation has always been highly skilled at finding good solutions that are beneficial to Jotun, says Trond Aune at Jotun, adding:

“Addovation doesn’t initially focus on the order book. First, they suggest the solutions. Addovation has given us solid expertise and the security of having available and flexible assistance when we need it, 24/7, all year round.

“Jotun’s requirements have shaped us as a technology partner. It’s demands for quality, stability and performance have been tough. We must handle large volumes of data, and our solutions must be operative around the clock. Being a long-term ERP partner with Jotun has also developed Addovation into a better supplier, adds Sævareid at Addovation. 

“The advantage of being a large customer of a smaller supplier is the high level of attention and service,” concludes Aune, Jotun’s ERP Director.

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Jens-Magnus Andersson is the Sales Director in Sweden

Jens-Magnus Andersson

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Anders Kjersem

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