Streamlining Sales with Addo CPQ: MP bolagen’s Success Story

MP bolagen Industri AB, a company with a rich history dating back to 1953, has been a pioneer in the development of products for cable management and stamping dies. In their quest to enhance customer experience and simplify product configuration, MP bolagen turned to Addovation for their expertise in creating a user-friendly and web-based solution: Addo CPQ.

MP bolagen Industri AB was established in 2000, and its operations were previously conducted under the parent company MP bolagen i Vetlanda AB. The first product was developed as early as 1953, followed by profiles for electrical distribution and lighting tracks, which have now evolved into complete cable  management systems. The company operates in two business areas – Cable management and Stamping dies.

Addo CPQ

At Addovation, we have assisted MP bolagen in developing a user-friendly web-based solution for configuring MP bolagen’s products. Service poles, wall duct channels, cable ladders, cable trays, and wire mesh trays can be configured using the CPQ solution. The idea is to make it easy to configure these products and automatically select the correct items based on the user’s choices.

MP bolagen’s Product Configurator

MP bolagen’s Product Configurator

The tool is entirely web-based and operates by allowing the user to select different items. Based on these selections, 3D views are presented, enabling the user to rotate and view the product from different angles. One significant advantage of the tool is that the user does not need to think about which parts need to be added, as the CPQ solution automatically calculates the required additions, such as screws and bolts.

The product configurator is used internally by dealers and end customers.

Addovation gave us exactly what we needed

Anders Karlsson, Marketing Manager, MP bolagen says that “with the help of Addovation, we have gained a competitive advantage over our competitors, or as we usually say, colleagues in the industry. With product configuration, we have been able to streamline our sales process. This means that anyone can configure our products and instantly see the result and obtain a quote. We chose to work with Addovation because they can understand our processes and translate them into our product configurators.

Anders Karlsson, Marketing Manager, MP bolagen demonstrates the solution.

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