Enhancing the Conservatory Design Experience: Expodul Partners with Addovation to Embrace Digital Innovation.

About Expodul

Expodul boasts over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing conservatories, verandas, and glass partitions, offering the widest range of products in the market. Established in 1975, Expodul’s vision is to create custom-made conservatories that enhance quality of life and provide a connection with nature.

A user-friendly and web-based solution

At Addovation, we have assisted Expodul in developing a user-friendly, web-based solution for creating conservatories, enclosures, and roofs called Addo CPQ. The goal was to make it easy to design a conservatory that adheres to specific requirements and unique measurements.

The tool is built on dynamic 3D guides, enabling precise measurements to be entered, which then calculates the exact price. For complete conservatories, standard components can be selected, or they can be combined with custom-made parts to achieve the best solution at the lowest price.

The product configurator is utilized internally by Expodul, as well as by their retailers and end customers.

“Addovation provided us with exactly what we needed” Tommy Thyselius, CEO of Expodul, states: “With the help of Addovation, we have gained a competitive advantage over our industry colleagues. Through product configuration, we have been able to streamline our sales process, allowing anyone to design a conservatory and obtain a price quote. We chose to work with Addovation because they understand our processes and can transform them into the 3D configurator. It was important for us to have a tool that could be tailored to our specific processes and manufacturing, rather than having to adapt to a pre-existing tool.

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Expodul’s product configurator

Expodul’s product configurator

From left, Tommy Thyselius, CEO of Expodul. Per Åstrand, System Architect at Addovation for Addo CPQ.

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