Digital Workplace

Are you getting the most out of your Microsoft 365® investment? Our skilled consultants help you unleash the power of Microsoft’s 365 platform.

We help you achieve a Digital Workplace

A Digital Workplace experience provides personalized, role-based services, applications, and collaboration tools required for employees to work from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Microsoft 365 is a platform used by most companies to support a digital workplace.

Our skilled consultants help you to realize the value of the capabilities and features of Microsoft’s 365 platform.

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Microsoft 365 - Strategy & Success

We give you an overall introduction to the basics, functions, and possibilities of Microsoft 365. We provide an analysis of the current situation and a plan for implementing Microsoft 365 elaborately and wisely.

  • Get an overview and insight into the Microsoft 365 platform 
  • Learn about the features and capabilities of Microsoft 365 
  • Obtain an “Microsoft 365 strategy” for the future 
  • Obtain a plan for implementing Microsoft 365 
  • Super user traning 

We want to enable you to use more of the functions and possibilities available in the platform to achieve success.

Everything you need to know about Microsoft® Teams

Do you also find it difficult to familiarize yourself with all the functions available in Teams? Addovation offers help along the way.

Teams User Adaptation

We offer support and project management when introducing Teams, to be able to use more of the functions and possibilities available in the tool.  

This means: 

  • Workshop 
  • 365 health check 
  • Digital Utilization Analysis 
  • User Adoption Teams 
  • Ongoing help – a “Digital PT” 
Teams Provisioning

Do you use Microsoft Teams and feel that it is getting a little messy? Do you want to gain control over how Teams are created and make it easier for your users to get the right structure on channels, folders and documents?  Our consultants will help you to configure and automate and enable provisioning processes, 


Teams Efficiency

Once all steps are automated, an administrator is no longer needed to create teams in a controlled manner when users need them. Through self-service, users can create teams themselves and a lot of time is saved as they do not have to do exactly the same configuration for each team. 

Users can start the provisioning process all by themselves, and the creation and configuration of the workspace is done automatically. 

Teams Ownership and governance 

Successful use of Microsoft Teams is not only about provisioning, but equally important is implementing the right policies and regulations. 

With Addovation’s solution, an administrator can define who can request the creation of a team and also implement approval processes regarding requests for all or specific types of teams. 

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