Prevex water trap innovation

Addovation signs with Finnish company Prevex

Addovation have signed an agreement with the Finnish company Prevex, which is one of the leading suppliers of water traps for the kitchen and bathroom industries.

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Prevex, who has been using IFS Applications since 2019 and is currently on Application 9, has decided to upgrade to the latest version of the ERP System; IFS Cloud. Addovation, which has a track record of upgrading IFS to new versions, was selected as the preferred upgrade partner.

“To enable the consumption of new technology and secure the future of our platform, we have decided to upgrade to IFS Cloud”, says Niclas Öster, CIO at Prevex. “With IFS Cloud we are getting a solution with a modern user experience but most importantly an enabler to faster improvements of our processes. When we combine this with Addovation’s expertise, I feel confident that we will be ready to meet future demands and growth.”

Addovation recently announced that they are establishing offices in Finland. According to the CEO at Addovation, Joakim Hugosson, the agreement with Prevex is an important step when entering the Finnish market. “Signing this deal with Prevex is a special milestone for us. It feels great that the market has confidence in Addovation and that we have taken the first step into the Finnish IFS market”.

In addition to the Upgrade project, Prevex has also signed a contract for Addovation Managed Services and Customer Engagement Model, which extends over 5 years. The upgrade is planned to start in February.

About Prevex

With over 60 years of experience, Prevex is a leading supplier of water traps for the kitchen and bathroom industries. By specializing in water traps they both develop, design, and produce water traps and related products for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Prevex production units are located in Finland and Poland, and the export markets cover Central, Eastern and Northern Europe. 

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Mikael Johansson is Business Area Manager, IFS

Mikael Johansson

Business Area Manager, IFS
Jens-Magnus Andersson is the Sales Director in Sweden

Jens-Magnus Andersson

Sales Director, Sweden