NetSuite Project Delivery Model

Our project will be delivered using the standard SuiteSuccess deployment approach combined with Addovation’s agile delivery model.


In this phase we establish the project team. Set the goals and defines the success criteria for the project. Detailed requirements are collected, and a high-level solution design is created. Typically this phase takes one or two sprints.


In this phase we configure, build and unit test the solution. If integrations and customizations are required, then they are also built, and unit tested in this phase. We also do a system integration test in this phase to ensure that all modules within NetSuite and externally integrated applications are working together without issues.

Data migration of data from legacy systems to NetSuite is tested in this phase. These tests are done in iterations and is done as many times as needed to ensure that when we do the production data migration it will work perfectly 

Each sprint in the build phase starts with a sprint planning session where we agree on which requirements and tasks from the backlog that should be completed during the sprint. At the end of the sprint a demo is given to the project team, process owners and stakeholders to show what has been accomplished during the sprint. This also enables the stake holders and projects owners to give continuously feedback on the solution as it built and the project team can take corrective actions to incorporate the feedback into the solution.

The duration of the build phase is typically between 4 and 12 sprints dependant on the scope, complexity, and the number of integrations.


In this phase the customer will perform their UAT tests and approve the solution for production deployment and Go-Live.

The end users are also trained in this phase and a detailed go-live cutover plan is created with all the required steps to cutover from the legacy systems and to go live with the new NetSuite solution.


In this phase we execute the detailed cutover plan, including production data migrations, and go-live with the new NetSuite solution.

The project team will provide hyper care support after go-live normally for 2-3 weeks and also for the first month end book closing. Finally, the project team does a handover to the support team which will provide the long-term support. The project cycle is now complete, and the project can be closed.

The number of sprints in each phase can vary depending off the size of the project.

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