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In this blog, you can read our thoughts on ERP trends, and get valuable perspectives from our staff and guest bloggers.

How to future-proof your integration strategy

The ability to connect different systems sits at the very heart of enterprise software.

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Essential Upgrade, Surprisingly Painless

Dag Tore Wiulsrød, Manager Logistics at Sensonor AS, shares his experience of moving to the latest IFS version.

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A competent and transparent ERP partner is essential for success!

Knowing the customers’ business processes and offer a local presence to support them, is just as important as knowing the ERP system itself.

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How to identify the weak links in your manufacturing supply chains

Right now, many businesses—and most notably many manufacturing supply chains—are undergoing a stress test.

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Working at Addovation – Min Zhou

Do you wonder what it’s like working at Addovation? I recently had a chat with Min Zhou, who joined our Drammen office in January.

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Overcoming the barrier to automation!

Digital mindset and Automation!  Our digital mindset has changed! We have endless

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“How hard can it be?”

This is a question that often arises when we are discussing integrations.

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3 tips for quick automation wins!

In these difficult times, the future is more uncertain than ever and the current global pandemic has resulted in a crisis for many companies.

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Matilda Arnell works as a Senior Consultant at Addovation

Working at Addovation – Matilda Arnell

Do you wonder what it's like working at Addovation? I recently had a chat with Matilda Arnell, who has been working at our Stockholm office since 2020.

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Automation as a culture

One of the greatest aspects of automation is the possibility to influence how we are working and actually walking the walk and not only doing the talk.

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How can case automation impact your organization?

In this fast-moving world, we are introduced to new technology almost every day.

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Working at Addovation – Nicklas Ljungholm

Do you wonder what it’s like working at Addovation? I recently had a chat with Nicklas Ljungholm, who has been working at our Gothenburg office since 2015.

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Red dart arrow hitting in the target center

Strong Growth and Solid Financial Results

Our CEO, Joakim Hugosson, sums up the past year!

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