IFS for Service & Aftermarket

Instead of building up their own IT-department, Ravema decided to enter a long-term partnership with Addovation, that goes beyond technical IT-support.

A calendar-based, preventive maintenance program

Ravema sells, installs, provides maintenance and aftermarket services for professional machine tools in Sweden and Norway. IFS is used to support the company’s service- and aftermarket activities.

Ravema’s customers are offered service, maintenance and technical support for their machines and equipment. Based on a service agreement, Ravema can create a calendar-based preventive maintenance program for each machine in IFS, which generates a maintenance plan. When the time for service approaches, Ravema and the customer agrees on the date and time, and the service technician receives a digital Work Task. The technician performs the service activity and immediately reports time, material, and expenses using an IFS mobile device.

The field service technicians perform both installation services and preventive maintenance according to the maintenance program for the equipment and technical support. The technicians have optimized mobile van stock in their cars.

Mobility with IFS Call Center

By using IFS Call Center functionality, Ravema´s experienced service team is always close to their customers. When customers report an issue to the team, a Service Request is created and dispatched to the service technician, who is notified digitally on their mobile device. Customers receive an appointment booking when the technician is expected to arrive.

A Service Report is automatically generated after performed service. It will immediately be connected to the customer equipment in IFS and sent to the customer as a digital confirmation document. Invoice is sent electronically or through EDI.


Process improvements, workforce excellence, and time savings are most companies’ main focus within the service industry. The IFS Field Service Management solution and Addovation offer tools to support those initiatives. For the customer, this means:

  • Enhanced productivity through detailed follow-up on resource planning and utilization.
  • Highly automated flow for invoicing applying country specific logic.
  • Driving journals are created based on work orders reporting
  • Automatic creation and sharing of service reports with customer during the visit.
  • Automated work order creation through preventive maintenance
  • Checklists are handled at site visit and integrated to the IFS Work Order

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A long-term ERP partnership

Ravema has been using the IFS ERP Suite since 1999. In 2005 they started using it to support their service and aftermarket processes. Instead of building up their own IT-department, Ravema decided to enter a long-term partnership with Addovation, that goes beyond the technical IT-support. The two companies work together to ensure that the business system always works and supports Ravema’s business in the best way. Addovation understands Ravema’s business requirements and ensures that customers take advantage of the opportunities in IFS business software.

The benefits of a deep partnership and long-term relations are apparent. Christian Grahnquist, Finance Manager at Ravema and CIO at Pronect states:

” Addovation understood our needs from the beginning and has helped us to set the course in our continued digitalization journey. With their expertise and complete solution that includes ERP, Integrations, Support and Managed Services, we feel that we have found a partner to work with for many years to come. “

What’s next?

Addovation and Ravema have entered into a 5-year partnership agreement to further strengthen the collaboration, including a complete IFS Managed Services operation in Addovation Cloud and a full-scale governance engagement model with support and roadmap for enhancement projects and business initiatives. 

Understanding the Service industry 

Addovation delivers solutions and services with a passion for ERP and business processes and converts its expertise into user-friendly and efficient solutions.

Based on many years of experience in delivering business solutions to the service industry, Addovation’s consultants provide industry expertise and have the necessary competence to improve workflows and ease the use of IFS. 

In a constantly changing world, you need to develop and sharpen your value propositions over time. Addovation believes that the service industry and companies such as Ravema will soon release the value in new business models, including PaaS, Product as a Service, offers. And when this happens, Addovation will be there as your ERP Business partner in the transformation journey to what’s next!

Would you like to learn more about IFS and how Addovation can help you improve workflows and ease the use of IFS, contact us!

About Ravema

Ravema is the leading partner to Nordic industrial companies and offer complete solutions for machine tools, automation, industrial tools, metrology, service and aftermarket. They help their customers through the whole process with, for example, turnkey solutions – from order to delivery and installation and rely heavily on IFS ERP Suite to deliver their products and services.

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