Employee Spotlight: Jussi Penttinen

Name: Jussi Penttinen

Position at Addovation: NetSuite Consultant

Area of specialty: Everything in NetSuite – Functional consultant – Technical projects.

Background: IT-guy and NetSuite Product owner at a Finnish Construction Consulting company. 

Addovation is one of Scandinavia’s largest consulting companies working with ERP. We offer consulting, implementations, upgrades, integrations, add-ons, and hosting. We would like to introduce you to Jussi Penttinen who joined our NetSuite team in April.

Sigrid Marie Saastad is Addovations Marketing Manager in Norway.

By Sigrid Marie Saastad

Marketing Manager, Addovation

Jussi, you joined our NetSuite team in April. What is your experience of working at Addovation so far? 

It’s been both intensive and exciting. I work with various projects across different industries and must constantly adapt and learn new stuff. It’s interesting and challenging.

Why did you choose to work with ERP,  and why Addovation? 

I have a bachelor’s degree in IT and a master’s in business administration. Therefore, it made sense to me to work with ERP, where I can use my technical skills combined with an understanding of business processes. I also like the endless source of challenges ERP can give you – when you dig into it, it’s complex. I chose Addovation because of the team spirit. For me, it’s significant to be a part of a team with solution-oriented people.

What type of customers are you currently working with? 

These days I’m working with customers within the hospitality industry and an insurance company. I work with integrations, connections and support. In a few weeks, we’re going live with a Finnish green technology startup company, which is exciting. In addition, I’m doing a prestudy for a large logistics company, working with integrations. It’s hectic at the moment and I’m enjoying it! 

What can you offer our customers? 

Being solution-oriented is my key strength! I love to solve problems and investigate different solutions. People say I’m easy to work with and have great “bad” humor. 

What do you think is the coolest about NetSuite? 

I love the ease of going from nothing to a fully cloud-based ERP solution in just a few months. NetSuite can be implemented very quickly, especially if you have an experienced ERP partner like Addovation by your side. NetSuite also offers readymade setups, based on leading practices for companies that don’t have processes in place. All in all – NetSuite fits fast-growing companies well and it’s always fascinating to be a part of that.

What do you like to do besides work?

I like to cook Asian foods, and I do sports – less sports than cooking these days though. I also love spending time with my son, and I try to do as much of that as possible.


Thank you to Jussi for the interesting chat!

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