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Unlock the full potential of IFS Cloud with Addovation Managed Services. Optimize efficiency, maximize ROI, and gain expert support while focusing on core tasks. Stay agile and scalable in a competitive market.

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Our Managed Services encompass our technical and platform-focused offerings. We specialize in “born-in-the-cloud” solutions, handling the setup and management of Microsoft Azure components.

Our comprehensive services cover operations, monitoring, backup & recovery, patching, and installation. Thanks to our modular setup, you can access our services from the Addovation Cloud, a customer’s Landing Zone, or an on-premise (traditional data center setup).

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Why Managed Services by Addovation

We take pride in our ability to adapt our services to meet your unique needs. We strike a balance between providing standardized solutions and tailoring them to each customer, and this is at the core of our commitment to delivering top-notch quality and ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Once the IFS software is up and running, our operational setup and way of working has the following alternatives and customer values.

Choice of delivery model

Customers can choose between our different teams of resources. Choose between onshore personnel based in Norway or Sweden, or a mix of EU-resources – all following the GDPR-regulations and frameworks we are used to in the Nordics. 

Certified technical skills and competence

Broad and deep knowledge base for each technician minimizes the need to escalate between internal teams – for example, a typical troubleshooting might involve Oracle database, Kubernetes and Linux knowledge at the same time. Our resources have both knowledge and access to the different layers and platforms, thus making the incident-process efficient and shortens the response and resolve-times.

For any incidents or questions regarding the administration and user experience in the IFS ecosystem, our support organization is well equipped with highly experienced support personnel ranging from our 1st line, to our specialists in 2nd and 3rd-line. 

Choice of platform and region

Our services are quite modular and can be applied to different operational scenarios, for example, IFS can run on the following environments: 

  • Addovation Managed Cloud (based on Microsoft Azure) 
  • Customer managed Landing zone at Microsoft Azure or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 
  • Onpremise (classic datacenter) run by Customer or 3rd-party service provider 


For our public cloud, when delivered by Addovation, the customer also have a choice in where the public cloud resources are deployed, for example Norway, Sweden, Finland or any other world-wide region close to the Customer.  

Standardized and tailor-made 

When Addovation delivers our standardized service from Microsoft Azure, we make sure the setup is deployed in a secure and compliant manner. We understand that the IFS software often has a wide ecosystem of applications that need access to IFS software, ranging from APIs to low-level database connections.

Compared to other SaaS-offerings on the market, Addovation acknowledges this and can create these connections per customer, but still maintain our standardized model of operations. Integration platforms, BI and analytics, Automations and any other 3rd-party integrations can be added and is often a valuable addition to our IFS offering.  

Smooth delivery of new functions 

During our day-to-day improvements of IFS, Addovation uses a parallel workflow when delivering new code for the environment.

This means that we can add several new functions at the same time, instead of doing this in a sequential process. This not only saves time, but makes our daily cooperation smoother, more agile and embraces a faster development progress.

Highly available

Our services are built on a reliable platform. When Addovation offers the service, we build it on state-of-the-art design, based on Microsoft Azures high availability. This not only gives us a high availability 24x7x365 – it also enables a shorter RPO/RTO and a high resilience design ready for advanced Disaster Recovery options.


By design, our offering is secured by design and includes several security add-ons for a high security posture: 

  • Single tenant installation – our customers are isolated from each other 
  • Locked down by default – the network access is restricted to only allow traffic relevant for IFS software 
  • No direct connection between the Customer tenant and the Addovation network is established, only locked down jump hosts are used for administration 
  • Access and roles are set to a restricted level and only personnel related to operations and support can access the environment 
  • Anti-virus and malware services are enabled by default 
  • Backup services are included to support our RPO and RTO baseline 
  • Optionally, a Disaster Redundancy-setup can be enabled spanning over regions.  
  • Data is encrypted at rest, in transit and in use using XXX 
  • Secrets are kept safe using Azure Key Vault 
  • DDOS-protection using Microsoft Azure technologies 

A perfect combination: IFS Cloud and Addovation Managed Services

If you’re thinking about upgrading to IFS Cloud, it’s a smart move to also consider where you’ll host it. At Addovation, we’re experts in both upgrading to IFS Cloud and hosting solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to discuss this further.

For those currently using IFS Applications, it’s crucial to know that this product will no longer be supported after 2025. To keep getting support and updates, it’s wise to think about hosting the solution when you make the transition to IFS Cloud.

More about the upgrade

Our services in more detail

The following services are implemented on a more technical level, which also is a vital part of the delivery. These services make sure Addovation has full control of the status of the environment and the relevant components within.

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Business Area Manager, Managed Services


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