MP Bolagen’s story – in videoformat!

We went for a short roadtrip to Jönköping, to catch up with Anders Karlsson, Chief of Marketing at MP bolagen Industri AB.

With Addovation as their implementation partner, MP Bolagen share their experiences with the CPQ product.

Whether you’re a sales professional or a valued customer, Addo CPQ is here to transform the way you approach design and calculations. Watch MP Bolagen talk about their experience!

Interested in showcasing your products visually to your customers with Addo CPQ? Contact us here!

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ADDO CPQ – A fully integrated CPQ experience

More and more companies are seeing the need to simplify the process of configuring products and

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MP bolagen – Streamlining Sales with Addo CPQ

MP bolagen turned to Addovation for their expertise in creating a user-friendly and web-based solution: Addo CPQ.

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CPQ Video Interview with Expodul

Watch Expodul Uterum’s VD/CEO, Thomas Thyselius, talk about the experience they had with Addo CPQ and why they chose Addovation and this product. 

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