ROL launched the project Factory 2.0 - second generation of ROL factories - in the beginning of 2017. ROL evaluated several vendors to help them secure a seamless integration between their ERP solution IFS Applications™ 9 and the planned, robotized, fully automated production plant. ROL needed a strong, flexible and agile partner with experience in connecting and integrating IFS Applications™ with other systems. Addovation became the selected supplier.

“To meet our customers’ increasing demands we needed to take our manufacturing and business processes to the next level,” said Mats Berg, Global Head of SCM & Global COO, ROL Group. The integration project started late August 2017 and went live in Q1 2018.

Addovation as your #1 integration partner

“ Large projects inevitably throw a lot of obstacles in your path as well as delays. At those times you truly appreciate those suppliers that hardly get noticed on the trouble-radar, suppliers that deliver on time within the budget, without the slightest need to be pushed or dragged along “

Anders Bråhn, Program Manager, ROL AB.