Hand controlling hydraulics

Servi Group

“We are checking in more than 2000 documents per month and save approximately 2 mins per document. That gives us a reduction of more than 60 hours per month! In addition to being more efficient in this part of the process – we also have secured that more documents are checked in and archived correctly. We are very happy with this solution and would like to use it on other types of documents too.

Anne Lise Halvorsen, QA Manager, Responsible for IFS Applications™ at Servi Group.


Servi Group, one of Norways leading suppliers of Power and Motion Control, produce over 2000 documents every month and needed to get these checked into IFS Applications™ in an efficient and secure manner.


Servi Group wanted a solution that could check in their documentations automatically, as long as the users sent the document to specific e-mail adresses.


Addovation provided Servi Group with the Document Agent. The Document Agent works efficiently 24/7 and supports many difference input channels. The efficient solutions makes sure that the documents are checked into IFS Applications™, to the right business objekt, at the right time.

Solution Delivered

Document Agent, Automation Server.