Let's be honest...

Document Management can hardly be said to be the most exciting tasks around the office. However, it is one of those things that just must be taken seriously to stay organized and ensure business process quality.

Can you honestly say that you are in control of your documents?

If there is some doubt or you are looking for a smoother solution that saves time, then Office Automation Suite from Addovation is what you need.

With the Office Automation Suite, IFS users can perform everyday document management actions in their Microsoft 365®

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Stunning reports with Information Merger

The Office Automation Suite empowers you to create stunning reports in no-time and to perform complex operations against IFS in a single breeze.

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Templates made available directly in Microsoft 365

Stop worrying about templates! With the Document Management module in Office Automation Suite, templates stored in IFS are made available directly in Microsoft 365®.

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Find your documents in 1-2-3

Having a bad memory? Find what was done last week, or even years back with the neat search functionality in our Document Management module. You can even search for document content!

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Price models

We have bundled the Office Automation Suite so that you can choose the subscription that best fits your company’s needs: Basic, Pro and Enterprise.


With our Basic subscription, you get access to our Document Management module. With this module, you can perform everyday document management processes against your IFS environments.

Price: €19 per month, per user*

*) Licenses are sold in 50 user packs.


With a pro subscription, your users get access to our Document Management module where they can perform everyday document management processes against your company’s IFS environments.  The pro subscription also includes the design tool Information Merger that allows you to create stunning, automated reports.

Price: €29 per month per user *

*) Licenses are sold in 50 user packs.


With our Enterprise subscription, you get access to all the features available in our Office Automation Suite – for instance PowerTools in where you can update IFS directly from Microsoft Excel.

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Webinar! Crash Course in Office Automation Suite.

View this crash course where Andreas Isengaard gives you a basic introduction in the Office Automation Suite and showcase some of the major features in Addovation’s office solution.

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Hand holding a product created by Profilgruppen


ProfilGruppen selected Addovation as their ERP implementation partner when they decided to add the IFS Quality Management Module to replace an outdated system.

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Addovations solutions are being used by customers worldwide and are recognized for being user-friendly, time-saving, and increasing efficiency.

Integrations at Ravema

Ravema has been a customer of Addovation since 2016 and recently ordered an integration between IFS Applications and CheckProof’s mobile application.

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Avinor with a High Flying Solution

Avinor reduces delays in repairs and maintenance with Addovation’s High flying mobile solution; Mobile Action.

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Mattias Jonsson who is Sales Manager at Addovation Solutions.

Mattias Jonsson

Sales Manager - Addovation Solutions


Andreas Isengaard

Business Area Manager, Solutions