Office Automation Suite makes way for a paperless organisation!

“Addovation was the right solution as it gave us a very simple way to add and connect documents, emails to IFS objects without using IFS Applications™ itself.  Lookups of documents can be performed from the user’s desktop as well. ”

“Addovation support has been excellent!  An online support portal makes sure that we are kept up to date with progress and delivered a resolution and or solution in a timely fashion.

Mark Hallbach, Information Technology Manager at Lou-Rich


Lou-Rich are working towards a paperless shop floor environment, and needed a solution that was easily implemented and user friendly to achieve this goal.


Lou Rich looked for a solution to quickly get documents into IFS Applications™, attached to the correct objects, look up master drawing attached to inventory parts.  Supplier drawings and emails connected to purchase parts as well as supplier quotes on RFQ’s. The key was to get information into IFS Applications™ so that it can be accessed and shared on their shop floor.


Addovation provided Lou-Rich with the Office Automation that makes back office–related tasks easier and more efficient. As a plugin to MS Office, the Office Automation Suite makes it easy to check-in documents, spreadsheets and e-mails into IFS Applications™ along with other document management processes.

Solution Delivered Office Automation Suite