IFS Applications™ offers a complete solution covering all your needs from back office right through to front office—and back again.

IFS Applications™ integrates seamlessly with any legacy software you might prefer to retain as part of your operations. IFS Applications™ enables you to move your business up the value chain, offering your customers a single point of contact with a multidiscipline, multinational approach where required. From pure-play depot repair to out-and out field service operations, IFS Applications™ adds value to your aftermarket services!

Deep industry knowledge, a long history of successful implementations for service providers, and an end-to-end suite of component-based business software with global reach mean that IFS is to service providers what you aim to be to your clients; a single point of contact and a single point of contract.

If you are running IFS Applications™ to support your manufacturing process, you can increase profits by offering greater aftersales service without needing to install third-party applications. Everything you need is already in place. When a product is shipped, the system immediately recognizes it as a service item. Authorized sales and service personnel can fully access and update information on each piece of equipment, its history, its in-field use, maintenance schedules, and customer records. This integrated view also enables you to help customers get maximum benefit from the products you provide, ensure service contracts are fulfilled, and obtain feedback for future product lifecycle management (PLM).